Our Services

We offer a simple and affordable delivery on demand service to restaurants, stores, flower shops, and hot shot businesses. Our software boasts an easy to use management system that will allow you to input and track your deliveries. No monthly fees and no contracts, meaning you only pay when your customers need something delivered, that's real delivery on demand.


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Restaurants and Fast Food

We have food delivery down to a science! Deliverit specializes in getting your delicious food to your customers belly while it is still hot.

Retail Stores

Lets face it, people are busy these days. If your store sells products then someone somewhere would find it very convenient to have your products delivered to their home or office. Let us be a part of taking your business to the next level.

Flower Shops

Deliverit has been helping flower companies deliver smiles for years, we love what you do and want to be a part of the beauty you grow.

Hotshot Deliveries

Need help managing your hot shot deliveries? Our dispatchers are well trained to organize the deliveries that your clients need now.

Apply for delivery services

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