Delivery & Driver Takehome in Red Deer


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Delivery - This is the address that your order will be delivered to

Driver Takehome - This is the address that we will be taking you to.

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Delivery - If you are a picky shopper please be as specific as possible otherwise it will be up to our delivery drivers to decide things like brand names, quality level, and price.

Driver Takehome

  • Where do you need to be picked up from?
  • Describe your apearence so we can find you.
  • How many passengers are in your company?
  • If there are any special instructions please let us know.

example. I am at Tiffany's Bar by the front door wearing a red coat.

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What happens next?

Our dispatchers will immediatly recieve your order once you have completed the order form, if there is a problem with the order we will contact you directly by phone.


Tracking your order

We will send a confirmation email to the address you provide in the order form with a tracking link that you can click to watch the progress of your order. Here you will also be able to chat with your driver and modify your order.


Delivery fees do not include gratuities.